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Action can be loosely defined as “a fast-paced activity” of some kind. Action makes the world a better place. Debating the merits of action movies, television, and written work is our mission.


For any readers who are interested in understanding our rating system, please download and examine the detailed documentation provided here.

Ratings table and methodology document:



What is a CAN OF LASER?

When review material surpasses all logical expectations, brings new joy to life, and meets the high bar set by Crank 2: High Voltage, a Five Can rating will be conveyed.


Four Cans of laser typically are attached to movies, shows, or printed works that represent above-average execution of action material, with high entertainment value.


Neither great nor terrible, Three Cans denote an instance of solid action contained within an otherwise average story.  Not boring but rarely engaging.


Two Cans signal a work that has intermittent flashes of decent action or storytelling, but which falls short of achieving any real engagement from the consumer (us).


One Can is used when a movie has limited or inept action, low production quality, and commits the grave sin of being boring.  We recommend avoiding material with this rating.


Zero Cans of laser are rarely deployed, and only in extreme circumstances.  Works with a zero rating are painfully boring, uninvolving, and otherwise incompetent.  Witness Spielberg/Kubrick’s AI as an example.  On second thought, don’t ever watch AI.