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When a filmmaker needs Kate Beckinsale, but cannot afford such a successful B+ list actress, the next best choice is Rhona Mitra. As seen in Underworld: Rise of The Lycans, Mitra is extremely effective as an expressionless killer, trading bullets and blades against leather clad hordes. Some of our readers may know Mitra from her breakout role as the topless woman who is sexually assaulted by invisible Kevin Bacon in Hollow Man.  In Doomsday, Mitra does a bang up job playing future cop Eden Sinclair who must locate a cure for the deadly reaper virus.

With the resurgent virus running rampant in an overcrowded London, the prime minister (Star Trek: DS9’s Alexander Siddig) deploys Mitra, and her cyborg eyeball, to retrieve a disease researcher.  Helpful Bob Hoskins explains to Sinclair that the researcher, Kane (Malcolm McDowell), was trapped in Scotland when it was placed under quarantine decades earlier. Our heroine travels deep within the borders of a post-apocalyptic Scotland, breaking past future Hadrian’s Wall with a small team of multiethnic stereotype commandos.  Extreme violence and gore, some of it not seen in theaters, carry the merry band of mercs from one fight scene to the next. This movie is over the top and lots of fun to watch. The concept of medieval Scotland reemerging from the ashes of the future apocalypse is enough to make Connor MacLeod tear up.


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  1. Pete says
    2012/06/12, 14:58

    Since Rhona Mitra gets two cans no matter what, I have to go four cans for this one. I totally didn’t see the medieval part coming. Doomsday is easily one of my top five Apocalyptic Action Movies.

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