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Comment on Pistol Whipped This is the movie where Seagal simply wants to take his daughter to the aquarium, right?
Comment on Beyond: Two Souls Review Is the Platoon pose in honor of Dafoe being in the game, or a reaction to the limited combat? I'll…
Comment on Review: Masters of the Universe 30th Anniversary DVD Box Set Cobra Commander, Megatron, and Skeletor walk into a bar...
Comment on South of Sanity Hi Bob. Thank you for your feedback. Making a film out of my movie reviews is an interesting idea and…
Comment on Not A Review of Titanic 3D Black Power Space Unicorn.
Comment on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Star Wars Episode VII: Revenge of The Wicker Man?
Comment on Intro Theme Music for Canned Laser: The Action Movie Showcase Eventually we will migrate media files such as this theme song over to a separate page.