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Podcast: Stealth


Has Incubus music driven you insane?  Did you listen to Make Yourself or Anti-Gravity Love Song before flying across the Pacific Ocean to bomb the Russians?  If so, you must be a fan of Rob Cohen movies, Ray Charles, and tortured HAL ripoffs.  Stealth!  Show up for the Jessica Biel swimsuit action, stay for the scintillating line reads from the protagonist Bradley Cooper (or maybe it was Rob Lowe).  Fall deeply in love with the masterful acting talent used to portray of the main villain, as played by NOBODY IN PARTICULAR.  Tune-in for the Canned Laser analysis of the 2005 movie Stealth and gain a new appreciation for Matthew Fox (or Josh Lucas).


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  1. Jim says
    2013/01/01, 21:22

    Excellent summary and analysis.

    • Pete says
      2013/01/19, 15:00

      Trying to explain Stealth is tough. You have to dig the awesome out.

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