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Podcast: RoboCop

On-The-NextRoboCop: The Podcast available now for download! The future of law enforcement was one of Hollywood’s biggest actions stars back in the 1980’s. How does Robo stack up against the weight of several sequels, TV shows, and a graphic novel? Listen and find out.

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  1. Reuben says
    2012/03/16, 15:05

    I kind of want to hear more about the things you guys learned from 80’s movies. Cocaine is made by people in bandannas, is hilarious. Something along the lines of – real men shave using only their sweat as lubricant ala Predator.

    Awesome first pod-cast. We want more!

    • Pete says
      2012/03/18, 00:01

      Thanks Reuben. We have many outtakes on the subject of cocaine. We’ll try to get those up soon.

  2. Libby says
    2012/03/16, 17:34

    Excellent first podcast!

  3. Libby says
    2012/03/18, 13:55

    By the way, I was at the Catskill Symphony last night and I swear they played a selection from John Debney’s Cutthroat Island score. It was quite enthralling and only a tad scary.

    • Pete says
      2012/03/21, 21:20

      That must have been epic and enthralling. If our podcast wasn’t already an hour long I had plans to do a full lead in with the opening theme.

  4. Jim says
    2012/03/19, 08:36

    Great show. Looking forward to more! I have to agree with your final ranking of T-800, Robocop, and Mandroid.

    “Listening to Canned Laser is the closest most people will ever come to living in the Triangulon.”

    • Pete says
      2012/03/21, 21:19

      That’s the experience we want to deliver to the world.

  5. ta0paipai says
    2012/04/13, 23:21

    As a big fan of Jesus analogies, I really enjoyed this podcast and will never look at Robocop the same way again. I’m just left wondering, is watching action films a form of false idol worship Moses would have frowned upon? Perhaps we need an 11th commandment making an exemption, due to the ambiguities of the language used at the time.

    • Pete says
      2012/04/14, 00:25

      Ironically the 11th Commandment is Deuteronomy 28:9 and involves “walking in the way of God.” This is the concept of “Imitatio Dei” or being made in the image of God. It is a type of anthropomorphism that we see in both the Jewish and Christan traditions. This is where you get “Be holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy” and “So as He is merciful, so should you be merciful.” I’m not sure the Rabbi’s back in the day or even the Apostles had RoboCop in mind but for our times, he seems well-equipped to deal our brand of justice. I should take this time to also mention I forgot the two most glaring pieces of evidence that RoboCop is a Reagan-Era Jesus in that at the end of the first movie he is pierced by a spear and walks on water. And If they’re false idols I don’t want to be true.

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